Standard Terms & Conditions

  1. Contract
  1. By clicking the ‘I accept’ button during the online registration process, or otherwise completing the online registration process, for the Services the Client agrees to enter into a contract with Dynamic Creative for the Services (Contract) comprising:
  1. the Service Plan and the other Product Information that relates to the Application and the Services the subject of the Service Plan (including any specific terms specified in that Product Information);
  2. clauses 1 to 24 of this document; and
  3. any documents incorporated by reference in any of the documents listed in clauses 1.1(a) and 1.1(b).
  4. If there is any inconsistency between the components of the Contract, the component listed first in clause 1.1 will prevail to the extent necessary to resolve that inconsistency.
  5. If:
  6. the individual that clicks the ‘I accept’ button during the online registration process does so on behalf of a company or an organisation; and
  7. that individual does not have authority to bind that company or organisation, that individual will be the ‘Client’ for the purposes of the Contract.